Our Story

Cranberry Road Winery is a small, family owned boutique winery. The owners, Chris & Maria Tiffany are originally from California. In 2007 Chris obtained a position at T-Mobile’s corporate office, in Bellevue, WA., and the family started their new chapter there.

Because of their backgrounds, Maria – coming from Europe and Chris’ numerous international diving trips, they both had been exposed to a lot of different rich and flavorful cuisines and most of all, amazing wines.

Chris had a passion for cooking and was always trying new recipes. Maria loved visiting new places. With a little bit of bravery, faith, and a pinch of coincidence, they used their love for wine & food as a stepping stone in starting their own business, Cranberry Road Winery.

Our Vision

Our company knows that they are only as good as the community they live in. Helping and supporting the local community is the same as taking care of your family. We take pride in donating to local charities and supporting local public organizations.
"When the Tide Rises, All Boats Float!"
CRW is committed to continuing their traditions in Idaho and becoming an important part of the local community's growth!
First Bottle of Wine
As many big businesses like this start in the garage...so did Cranberry Road Winery. Our business started as a hobby as a way for friends and family to spend time together and it just happened to be in our garage. In 2008 we were introduced to one of the oldest Cranberry Growers in Grayland, WA - the Waara Family. We were given some leftovers of the cranberry crop so we decided to try making Cranberry Wine. We had no intent of starting a winery, we were just having fun and enjoying ourselves. Some- 
how a local wine shop owner got ahold of our homemade wine and offered to sell it in their shop. That was the moment we realized we had something unique on our hands and could actually do something with it. The crash of the economy in late 2008, made us think seriously about transitioning our wine making hobby into a legal enterprise. In 2009 Brookside Cranberry Vinters, LLC (DBA Cranberry Road Winery) was formed and we've been growing ever since.
Grand Opening
By the beginning of 2011, the customers' demand outgrew our production capabilities in the garage so we purchased 10 acres of property with an existing 5,000 sq/ft warehouse in Westport WA. and after a year of renovations and property upgrades; our first Cranberry Wine Tasting Room opened in October 2012

To begin with, our winery concentrated on making just Cranberry Wines for wholesale purposes, with a small tasting room for the passing tourists. As our family grew, so did the wines. We eventually added specialty Wood-Fired Pizza and the property was improved with an outdoor patio, gardens, and a beautiful lush lawn. It was the perfect location for families to come and enjoy great food and drink a glass of 

wonderfully aged wine while their kids and 4-legged friends were free to happily run around.

Unfortunately, on November 25th, 2015, the winery caught on fire. It was a total loss. Fortunately, the tragic accident had a positive outcome. With the support of the local community and our fabulous loyal customers, we were given the strength and courage to begin the rebuilding process. We broke ground on April 6th 2016 and opened our doors on July 29th of the same year. It took 5 long and exhausting months of nonstop work and daily grinding but we couldn't afford to miss the harvest season in September. Thanks to family, friends, and the local community, Cranberry Road Winery was up and running once again.

With the new facility, we had the advantage of designing and changing things to the way we wanted in order to grow and improve upon our business. We added a banquet room and a full, spacious kitchen. We were then able to offer our customers more than our artisan wood-fired pizza. Living in one of the biggest seafood ports

in Washington, we decided to add wild caught seafood and our "Fresh & Local" menu was born. We added everything from wild caught salmon, crabs, oysters and secured our produce from locally owned farms. We continued to secure our cranberries from Grassland, just 3 miles away and our grapes from Eastern Washington.
Relocation to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
"A place to enjoy fine wine while eating food made from local, fresh ingredients."
Cranberry Road Winery
2380 N Old Mill Loop,
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
We are open to all guests:
Tuesday - Sunday: 11:30 - 9 pm
Closed: Monday
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